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Labor MP Patrick Gorman told Sky News that the National Party could have more seats than the WA Liberals as they did not allow the election According to polls, WA Labor could be heading for the biggest election victory of all time - leading Liberal leader Zak Kirkup to dramatically admit he will not win "The National Party did not allow the election, so they may be the only ones who are actually fighting," said Gorman “We could see the National Party becoming the official opposition "That would be a big change in Western Australian politics and it would be a big failure for the Liberal Party if that happened"
KEY POINTS Kurama Reveals Something Shocking to Naruto Code Wants to Fulfill Isshiki's Will Chapter 55 of "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations"
Boruto Chapter 56 is the next installment in the manga franchise and the plot goes in a different direction Boruto, Naruto, Kawaki and Sasuke have finally returned to Konoha Village and everyone is happy to be home again, everyone is taking care of their injuries and discussed how things were completely different now.Although everything feels normal, the Boruto 56 chapter will just be a calm before the storm Isshiki has revealed all of Otsutsuki's secrets and a new villain is on the rise for more information on Code Code Spoilers for Boruto Release Date, Chapter 56, Summary, Leaks, [...]
"Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" Chapter 55 deals with Naruto's condition after heavy use of Bayron mode
The Boruto Chapter 55 spoilers are out now, along with manga covers and title leaks, as it gives a glimpse into what will happen next, showing code in its full style
Boruto Chapter 55 spoilers and leaks are finally out, but most fans are still confused The manga panels on the Internet are not correctly translated and it n&rsquo…
Boruto Chapter 55 spoilers will be released a few days before the manga's release in the form of the magazine cover, trailer texts along with scans of incoming rawsâ ?? ¦

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