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The move comes after a government report found pilots largely to blame for May 22 crash in Karachi that killed 98 people.
"We are looking at greater restrictions," Governor Greg Abbott said Wednesday, after initially saying this would be a last resort.
Google last May introduced auto-delete history controls where your information is removed after 3 or 18 months. The company today is making this...
Apple on Monday unveiled macOS Big Sur, the newest version of macOS that's going to be released in the fall. Named after Big Sur, California,...
Wirecard has filed for insolvency, just days after a $2 billion accounting scandal at the company burst into the open, crashing its stock and leading to the arrest of its former chief executive.
Poorer countries may need more basic items, such as personal protective gear, rather than ventilators that require training to operate, some experts say.
Lufthansa shares jumped as much as 20% on Thursday after its top shareholder dropped his objections to a 9 billion euro ($10 billion) government bailout for the German airline brought to the brink of collapse by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Tesla cars suffered 250 problems per 100 vehicles, well above industry average of 166.
Israel's land-grab will lead to a 'bottom-up approach' and transform struggle into a revolution, Palestinians say.
Donald Trump has suggested Black Lives Matters protesters want to pull down statues of Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Speaking at a pre...

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