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A recent report titled Global Content Recommendation Engine Market 2020 by Manufacturers

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News – PH – How Rani Therapeutics’ robotic pill could transform subcutaneous injection treatment

A new automatic injection pill could soon replace subcutaneous injection treatments The idea for this so-called robotic pill came about eight years ago from a research project by InCube Labs - a life sciences laboratory led by Mir Imran, Chairman and CEO of Rani Therapeutics , holds a degree in electrical engineering and biomedical engineering from Rutgers University, Imran is a great innovator in life sciences, having founded more than 20 medical device companies and helped develop the world's first implantable cardiac defibrillator

News – PH – First microchips, now automotive suppliers risk a shortage of seat...

Automakers fear they could run out of seat foam due to the winter storms that frozen parts of Texas in February 2021

News – UK – Tony Hendra, who played band manager Ian Faith on “This...

Tony Hendra, the British satirist and comic book whose roles included top editorial positions on magazines such as National Lampoon and Spy and a role in the musical mockery "This Is Spinal Tap," died Thursday in Yonkers, NY He was 79 years old. His wife Carla Meisner told the New York Times that the cause of death was Lou [...]