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Andy Farrell's men recorded an overdue first Guinness Six Nations victory
A specially trained group of scent detection dogs was deployed to eradicate an alien species of turtle from waterways and wetlands in New South Wales
The pop diva announced an award of 500000 dollars for who would bring him safely his two French bulldogs
According to the TMZ site, specializing in celebrity and the first to disseminate this information, Lady Gaga is offering a reward of 500000 dollars for the return of his two French bulldogs, baptized Koji and Gustav Contacted by AFP to confirm the information, the singer's agents did not
A shooter is wanted after a man was shot dead and two small bulldogs were stolen from him on Wednesday night in Hollywood, police said
Lady Gaga's dog walker was shot and two of her French bulldogs were killed in an incident on []]
Lady Gaga's dog walker was assaulted by gunmen on Wednesday evening Hit in the chest, he was taken to hospital in a
Ryan Fischer was walking in West Hollywood with Gaga's beloved dogs Koji, Miss Asia and Gustavo last night around 10 p.m. when he was shot dead outside his home
Two historians have discussed at length the alleged ugliness of Joe Biden's German Shepherd on Conservative Newsmax, TMZ reports
Sur  la chaî ne curator Newsmax, a dé lunar bat took place between two historians about the German Shepherd of the new pré sident amé rican 

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Andy Farrell's men recorded an overdue first Guinness Six Nations victory