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Tokyo, 1 March 2021 - (JCN Newswire) - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co, Ltd., a Shiga-based part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd (MHI) Group has newly developed the "SE25FR Plus", a gear forming machine, which is dedicated to the production of high-precision gears with small modules (1) for robots. At the same time, the company has developed a cutting tool with small modules especially for
Scientists have long speculated about the traits our long-ago unicellular ancestors might have had, and the order in which those traits emerged. Bubble-like compartments are a hallmark of the superkingdom, to which we and many other species, including yeast, belong
About the same time before 42000 years ago the Neanderthals and the great megafauna died out, cave art appeared in Asia and Europe, North America saw swaths of new ice sheets and the magnetic poles turned
Scientists working for the Pentagon have successfully tested a solar panel the size of a pizza box in space, designed as a prototype for a future system that can send electricity back from space to any point on earth
Radiocarbon measurements on the remains of 42000-year-old New Zealand kauri trees form the basis for a better calibration of the geological archives of that time000 years ago instead of radiocarbon anal
The last great geomagnetic reversal triggered a series of dramatic events that have far-reaching consequences for our planet The world experienced before 42000 years ago, several centuries of apocalyptic conditions, triggered by a reversal of the...
Surely this idea will be used in a Mad Max movie, right?
The temporary collapse of the earth's magnetic field before 42000 years ago caused a great crisis Climate changes that led to global environmental shifts and
at???? Â © NASA, ESA, STScI, and G Bacon (STScI) / Wikimedia Commons Many of us don't know what a white dwarf is It is, in fact, old
A new giant asteroid, the size of the Golden Gate Bridge, will pass "close" to Earth We expect it for March 21, 2021 as close as possible to our planet (at 2016351 km) It is the largest and fastest asteroid to pass near

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