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The use of CNC machining has resulted in the manufacture of various essential machine components, tools, and objects that are used in various industries.Its applications are diverse, especially in creating ...
French President Emmanuel Macron has detailed plans to abolish an elite academic institution that has long been a pillar of the country's power institution
EXCLUSIVE David Lepoittevin, spokesperson for Pfizer France, details the treatments on which the American group relies and informs us
For the time being, each member country maintains separate guidelines, particularly regarding the minimum age for administration of the vaccine.
According to information from France Inter and Europe 1, the Head of State is to announce this afternoon the abolition of the ENA in front of an audience of senior officials He committed to it at the end of April 2019, after the “yellow vests” crisis But the prospect of this suppression had since faded.
According to Europe 1 and Playbook, the president of the Republic should take advantage of the "conference of state managers" to discuss the reform of the training and recruitment of senior officials
According to Europe 1, the head of state, Emmanuel Macron, is about to announce this Thursday, April 8 the abolition of the ENA, the national school of administration, which today forms the elite of the French senior...
In an interview with the JDD, this Sunday, April 4, the editorial director of BFMTV, Marc-Olivier Fogiel reacted to the recent bitter comments of Jean-Jacques Bourdin
In contract until the presidential election, Jean-Jacques Bourdin remains a pillar of BFM TV, confirmed Marc-Olivier Fogiel to JDD, this Sunday, April 3 The opportunity for the boss of the chain to slip a tackle to the journalist, targeted by a controversy after attacking his successor in the morning of RMC
PRESIDENT MACRON was torn apart because of France's covid reaction in a crushing undressing of the presidential leadership during the pandemic

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