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boa noite Europe, we have a winner! Portugal has decided who will follow in Elisa's footsteps The Black Mamba will defend the Portuguese colors at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam next May The...
When does the new season of Fortnite appear? It's not an uncommon question, especially now that Fortnite Season 5 seems to be dragging on.Usually, a season in Fortnite lasts around 10 weeks, with a few weeks devoted...
The Midas female skin is finally coming out in Fortnite
Epic Games has officially acquired Tonic Games Group, the development company behind Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
The submachine gun, or rapid fire SMG, is back in Fortnite with patch 1550!
New Fortnite leak revealed details of a new feature that would allow players to sell their loot to NPCs in part
Epic Games just confirmed that Fortnite's next big season 5 update is coming Discover all its content in advance
Professional troll and sometimes Fortnite gamer LazarBeam has announced that he is next up for his own skin as part of the icon series in the game.He is such a good troll indeed that it was not clear if he was actually trolling away that it's real, but after Fortnite retweeted it it certainly seems to be the case. LazarBeam, real name Lannan Eacott, is a hugely popular Australian content creator who has been using Fortnite for almost [...]
** LazarBeam keeps its supporters waiting eagerly for the thought of a possible skin drop from the Icon series ** **

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