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Just over two weeks after being poisoned with a novichok nerve agent in Siberia, Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny awoke from a drug-induced coma and responded to the words of his wife Yulia that he had been evacuated here for emergency treatment - Berlin's Charite hospital - and he was weak, he would be It was September 2020 - almost five months before his return to Russia - Reuters spoke to more than a dozen people who visited Navalny or communicated with Navalny during his time in GermanyThese people gave insight into the funding of his political operationsThey also related that he never wavered in his single-minded mission to oust Vladimir Putin. In mid-October 2020, Navalny took a helicopter from Berlin to the village of Ibach in the Black Forest - high in the high valley. He, his wife and son lived in an apartment that guarded by armed police officers ht became That say three people who visited him there Navalny spent about two months to get physically fit again with intense workouts 23 year old Björn Leber became his personal trainer "He had a few problems with his coordination, more than one couple In the beginning he had trouble getting in the car, and that's when I first realized it. On our first fitness plans, I focused on coordination and then on strength. Because he had lied for so long, he had little strength and could only do five push-ups and they were pretty shaky "The two men spent hours boxing, juggling and running around the apartment. They also used a counter-current pool in the basement spa. When Leber wasn't exercising, Navalny said he'd been working on his MacBook, receiving physical therapy or did sightseeing "I taught him a little German and in the end he could count really well, from one to 20 I motivated him in German because he asked me to do it and taught me a few Russian words, but I can't remember much I asked him if he thought returning to Russia was a good idea, and at some point he said: If I don't try, I will never find out. At the beginning of December, Navalny and his team were in Freiburg near the French border. Here he secretly began work on a full-length film with Putin as its destination "A palace for Putin" would claim Putin is the owner of a sprawling one Property on the Russian Black Sea coast January, two days after Navalny's arrest, published on YouTube and viewed at least 113 million times The team filmed in various locations, including Dresden - Putin lived outside the apartment in the 80s as a KGB agent In Berlin - where Navalny kept the archives of the Stasi Secret police visited to see Putin's identity cardAnd also at Black Forest Studios - where staff were bound to secrecyThe Kremlin rejected the report [Russian President, Vladimir Putin] "I didn't see this movie, simply because of the lack of free time. But I did watched the video digest brought to me by my assistant I want to answer your question right away: Nothing mentioned in the video because my property is mine or my close relatives and has never been "Some of Navalny's followers hoped that he would stay away from Russia, at least for a while, the Russian authorities gave clear indications However, a German official confirmed to Reuters that Navalny had not made a request to stay, Navalny used Instagram to announce his planned return to Russia and wrote, "Russia is my country, Moscow is my city and I miss On landing, his arrest was swift a few weeks later, a Moscow court jailed Navalny for nearly three years for parole violations that signaled a Western outcry over his treatment and nationwide protests that had attracted tens of thousands in the middle of winter, some supporters wondered if He should have waited longer before returning. Anyone who met Navalny in Germany is now concentrating on his personal fatePersonal trainer Leber sent Navalny a text with the words: "Stay strong" But he only got a tick, the message was not read
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The article in Bild states that Britain's "successful" vaccination program has allowed the Prime Minister to promise a better future while Germany is "stuck" and lagging behind with vaccines
Two beach volleyball stars are boycotting an upcoming tournament after being told not to wear bikinis in the competition
"We are prevented from wearing our work clothes"
Karla Borger and Julia Sude have announced that they will be boycotting a tournament in Qatar next month due to uniform restrictions It is "the only country" where players are prohibited from wearing bikinis on the pitch
The German beach volleyball stars Karla Borger and Julia Sude have announced that they will be boycotting a tournament in Qatar next month, as it was "the only country" where players were not allowed to wear bikinis on the pitch
A group of international scientists proposes a sustainable strategy for the Covid-19 pandemic The long way out of the pandemic:

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