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Big Market Research is a leading market research company that announced a novel report on Bu
A victory for the former Treasury Secretary would significantly boost the Morrison administration's international standing and foreign policy agenda
Anna Diamantopoulou, the first Greek woman on the shortlist to top the OECD, announced on Monday that she was retiring from the race
The former Australian Treasury Secretary has now defeated eight candidates for the top international post
The pregnant Afghan woman testified to prosecutors from her hospital bed
ATHENS - Afghan woman faces arson after trying to burn herself in mor
The men's Greek water polo team qualified for the Olympic Games in Tokyo and defeated Russia 13:10 in the world qualifying tournament on Saturday in Rotterdam.The victory sent Greece to the final of the tournament, where it beat Montenegro on Saturday, 14-12 winners against Croatia, will compete Both Greece and Montenegro have already qualified with their semi-final wins. Croatia and Russia will [...]
Currently, the government is busy with health-related indicators, is closely monitoring the spread of the coronavirus and is hoping that there will be no major resuscitation of the cases in the next two months, after which priorities will change

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News – PH – Titanosaurs found in Argentina may be the oldest dinosaur ever...

A colossal dinosaur unearthed in Argentina could be the oldest titanosaur ever found to roam what is now Patagonia at the beginning of the Cretaceous about 140 million years ago, scientists said on Sunday (Nov. February)

News – AU – ASX loses profits after Reserve Bank stays in place

The Australian stock market will run out of breath as the Reserve Bank leaves official interest rates unchanged, while Wall Street rises as Johnson & Johnson launches its COVID-19 vaccine and the chaos in the bond markets subsides

Nachrichten – AU – BEHAVIOR: Sexual harassment “widespread in the SA parliament”

A new report found that sexual harassment and discrimination are "widespread" in the South Australian Parliament