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Another busy day in rugby union game with Lewis Moody returning as an Expert to take over the rules for the Wales v England competition on Saturday
Very close to his virtual community, Jean-Luc Reichmann likes to share his good times and his daily life with his fans Like on Saturday February 20, 2021 where he appeared in a video playing sports at his house But if most of his subscribers encouraged him, some were annoyed
Bruno, the master of noon, offered himself a new mysterious star this Friday, February 19, 2021 in The 12 strokes of noon However, many boxes still concealed the mystery personality
Famous voiceover for more than 10 years on the show "Les 12 coups de midi", Zette had her first moment
Jean-Luc Reichmann likes to play the nice go-between in Les 12 Coups de midi on TF1 This Thursday, February 11, 2021, he did not hesitate to take the leap when Robin, one of his candidates, single, reported that the profile of Bruno, the current Master of noon, could seduce him ...
As it approaches 100000 euros in earnings, Bruno is tipped to win the mysterious star of February 2021 in The 12 blows of noon

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