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Labor MP Patrick Gorman told Sky News that the National Party could have more seats than the WA Liberals as they did not allow the election According to polls, WA Labor could be heading for the biggest election victory of all time - leading Liberal leader Zak Kirkup to dramatically admit he will not win "The National Party did not allow the election, so they may be the only ones who are actually fighting," said Gorman “We could see the National Party becoming the official opposition "That would be a big change in Western Australian politics and it would be a big failure for the Liberal Party if that happened"
Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell have a lot more in common than most people think. Both were judges at American Idol from 2002 and now the two have bonded after undergoing back surgery for the past two...
Pamela Anderson's interview on a UK morning show was dubbed "Peak 2021 Energy" after she video chat with her new boyfriend in bed

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News – USA – Golden lightning bolts make their way to Cincinnati – Kent...

KENT, Ohio - The Kent state women's lacrosse team (3-0) will travel west through Ohio to battle Cincinnati (2-1) for its first road competition of the 2021 season on Sunday, March 7th to 2 pm

News – USA – Omaha Mayor’s husband found dead ‘from self-inflicted gunshot wound’

Omaha Police are investigating a shootout at Mayor Jean Stothert's home, 67, after a man in his seventies was found dead in the house and the police were called home at 1:54 p.m.

News – EN – Asteroid deemed “potentially dangerous” will pass near Earth in March

If there is little risk of it crashing on the blue planet, the asteroid, dubbed "2001 F032", can be observed with a telescope in the sky. We tell you more