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Traffic increased as vehicles lined up for the Humber Bridge

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News – PH – 2021 NFL Draft: Will Injuries Keep Landon Dickerson Out of...

We set our sights on the 100 best prospects in the 2021 NFL draft with No. 1 on 26 overall - Bama's mule center, the medical rating of which will be enormous

News – AU – Stylist Reveals Truth About Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl Mishap

The stylist who prepared Janet Jackson's look for her infamous 2004 Super Bowl appearance with Justin Timberlake says Timberlake pushed for the "wardrobe malfunction." in an attempt to surpass Britney Spears, Madonna and Christina Aguilera, who had impressed the world months earlier with a scandalous kiss at the MTV Video Music Awards

News – AU – Cambodia condemns VICE for pictures that made the Khmer Rouge...

According to Cambodia, the pictures in a VICE article are an insult to the dead as some mug shots have been digitally altered to bring smiles to the genocide victims