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Used to cameras, Karine Le Marchand has just announced a terrible news Indeed, hospitalized, his fans fear the worst
During a whole season, no less than 15 tons of food are used by the candidates, and up to 200 kilos per event, The more time passes, the more passionate the Top Chef program on M6
Le Fournil d’Agneaux (Manche) will represent the department at the regional final of the program La Meilleure Boulangerie de France on M6
The National Bakery Federation created the Boulanger de France label a year ago, which guarantees home-made production and sets itself apart from industrial competition.
This Tuesday March 2, from 6:40 pm on M6, Maison Monnier, from Montebourg, will be competing in the program “The best bakery in France”, facing the Danlos d'Agneaux
For the 7th week of their gourmet road trip, the duo Bruno Cormerais and Norbert Tarayre land in Normandy - to be followed on M6 in partnership with France Bleu
Obviously, Alizée and Maxime (Beijing Express) experienced a great fright during the night of February 23 to 24.Indeed, the famous duo
In the running to represent New Aquitaine in the program "The best bakery in France" on M6, Antoine Savoyardi looks back on his career and pays tribute to his team
After a week of competition in New Aquitaine, Bordeaux bakery Antone was named best bakery in the region in the M6 ​​program Head to the final for this establishment located at 125 rue de Laseppe, near the Parc Rivière

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