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In cities across Latin America, they advocate oxygen tanks to prevent people from choking on COVID While the number of confirmed infections has fallen worldwide - from more than five million cases a week in January to...

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News – USA – Guardians’ Goals and Roundup 2021

Luis Omar Morales Leon / 27022021 23:25:54 After 80 minutes of playing time that both teams had forgotten, Cruz Azul found the goal in an elaborate game to bring Club León another defeat, which again showed a very obvious offensive ineffectiveness The absence of Luis Montes in the emerald midfield was great

News – EN – Life in Guantanamo, the world’s most famous prison – BBC...

"Le Mauritanien" is the latest film to portray the exhausting experiences of detainees at the US naval base at Guantánamo Bay in Cuba Will he be the most impactful yet, asks Hanna Flint

News – FR – Football A big breath of fresh air for Saint-Brieuc, winner...

Ahmad Allée hat-trick gave the Stade Briochin victory on the Bastia Borgo lawn on Saturday (3-1) A capital success for the Bretons in terms of maintaining And the first of the season away