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Maverick Vinales admits that MotoGP tests in Qatar are held on the same track as the first two laps This makes the 2021 preseason the toughest he has ever faced at Yamaha
The 2021 Carnival season in Sydney has started and will culminate in the famous parade, which will be held in a different way this year
This Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday, the big day to put on your best disguise and share a little gourmet pleasure What are the origins of this festival? Explanations
Today is Tuesday February 16, so it's Shrove Tuesday! But where does this tradition come from? Why do we eat Bugnes in Lyon and Pets de Nonne in Tours or Foutimassons in Vendée? These traditional fried donuts...
Ready to dress up or eat pancakes, waffles or bugnes?
It's Shrove Tuesday, also known in some places as Fat Tuesday in southwestern Pennsylvania, however, it means it's time for Paczki. Local bakeries are roasting thousands of Paczki, a traditional Polish donut that is fried and filled with Oakmont Bakery counting Tuesday a sale of around 8000 Paczki (pronounced "Ponch-Key") Es
How much do you know about how New Orleans celebrates Mardi Gras? What special festivals does your city honor? How? Students in US. High schools can get free digital access to the New York Times through...
The night owls warned against staying away from New Orleans Mardi Gras festivals
This Tuesday, February 16, it's time for fun and the most beautiful costumes!
Take out the disguises and prepare the billig: this Tuesday, February 16, it's Mardi-Gras We parade in costume, we eat pancakes, it's mega masked bamboche But why is it called Mardi-Gras, anyway?

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