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The research study entitled "Border Security" chose a systematic way of assessing the dynamics
The share buyback program runs from 28 January 2021 up to and including 30 September 2021 During this period, Jyske Bank will acquire shares worth up to 750 million Purchase DKK, see corporate communication no 2/2021 of 28 January 2021 The share buyback program will be implemented in accordance with Regulation No. 596/2014 of 16 April 2014, the so-called “Market Abuse Regulation” The following transactions were carried out as part of the program: Number of shares Average purchase price (DKK) Transaction value (DKK) Cumulative, last announcement 248790 23820 59261002 15 February 2021 19000 25558 4855957 16 February 2021 19000 25523 4849433 17 February 2021 19543 25636 5009981 18 February 2021 19000 25815 4904846 19 February 2021 19565 26001 5087139 Under the 344898 243 accumulated46 83968358 With the above transactions, Jyske Bank now owns a total of 344898 treasury shares, excluding investments made on behalf of customers and shares held for trading purposes, corresponding to 048% of the share capital In accordance with Ordinance No. 596/2014, transactions in connection with the share buyback program are attached to this corporate announcement in detail. Kind regards, Jyske Bank Kontakt : Birger Krøgh Nielsen, CFO, Tel 45 89 89 64 44 Appendix share buyback program 20 210 222
A passenger who filmed the luggage room at Melbourne Airport over the weekend says the airport's Covid management is "sad"
Source: https://www.9news.com.au/national/mohammad-skaf-parole-decision-postponed-concerns-for-community-safety/cae535df-2bd2-457f-ad70-c9d1ab768f3f
According to Prime Minister Daniel Andrews, Victoria will conduct a "short, sharp breaker lockdown" for five days to respond to fears that the highly infectious strain of the virus in the UK has spread across the community
Melbourne Airport was added to the list of public exposure sites after new coronavirus cases were uncovered in Victoria overnight
The Melbourne outbreak now includes the Brunetti Cafe at Terminal 4 of the city airport The British variant is set to take over the world - follow the updates here

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