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Pompeo’s plan to speak in praise of President Donald Trump’s foreign policy appears to violate State Department guidance which prohibits participation in political conventions and on politicking while on official travel
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sent a cable to all U.S. diplomatic missions last month warning American diplomats that under federal law they should not take overt sides in the presidential campaign.
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was accused Monday of using US foreign policy to support President Donald Trump's reelection bid after embarking on a trip to the Middle East, where he plans to remotely deliver an address to the Republican National Convention.
The secretary of state’s five-day tour is intended to discuss regional peace and security. He also planned to use Jerusalem as a backdrop for an address to the Republican National Convention.
Mike Pompeo's planned speech to the Republican National Convention has sparked a fury of criticism for breaking decades of precedent for sitting secretaries of state avoiding overt partisan political activity
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will overstep a policy he approved that prohibits Senate-approved officials from participating in political...
Critics accuse US secretary of state of using Jerusalem as a 'political prop' while on an official state visit
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has drawn heavy criticism for his decision to give a speech Tuesday as part of the Republican National Convention. Pompeo will deliver the address from Jerusalem, which he's visiting in a diplomatic capacity.Some analysts believe he's violating the Hatch act by
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to address RNC in 'personal' capacity while on official trip to Middle East
The Republican National Committee has defended a planned appearance at this week’s convention by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, amid criticism that he is breaking precedent for sitting top diplomats to steer clear of convention season.

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