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The Philippines should work to create an environment in which healthcare workers stay and not leave, Vice President and opposition leader Leni Robredo said on Sunday
This Saturday, February 20, Julien Clerc gave himself to questions about the portrait in 5 dates of Nikos Aliagas, in 50 ’Inside The singer's opportunity to make an amazing revelation about his relationship
About a hundred gendarmes and as many volunteers take part in a fight near Montfort-sur-Meu in Ille-et-Vilaine, to try to find a mother who has disappeared for 9 days All the tracks are still open, says Colonel Sébastien Jaudon, head of the Ille-et-Vilaine gendarmerie group
On the occasion of the release of his new album "Terrien", Julien Clerc gave an interview to the magazine "Le Pèlerin", published this Wednesday February 17th During it, the singer confided
Sunday February 21 is held the second round of the presidential election in Niger Power candidate Mohamed Bazoum, largely victorious in the first round, faces former President Mahamane Ousmane, in a historic duel that will mark the country's first democratic transition since independence
The Athletic finds the way to victory, and with the manner Traveling to Cadiz, the illustrious Basque club had fun in d () - Footmercato
Invited in the "Quotidien" program on TMC, the lawyer, author of La Familia grande, a book in which she accuses her stepfather Olivier Duhamel of rape on her twin brother, said to herself surprised by the impact of his revelations
On the set of "The Dark Knight: The Black Rider", Heath Ledger unwittingly terrorized one of his playmates!
THE DARK KNIGHT THE BLACK KNIGHT Heath Ledger received a posthumous Oscar for his manned performance of the Joker in The Dark Knight Here's how he prepared to play Batman's nemesis
On the occasion of the broadcast of Sister Act 2 on W9, Closer invites you to discover what becomes of the singer Lauryn Hill, interpreter of Rita

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