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This NBA season is fueling the debate about what constitutes an MVP, but could Damian Lillard have the strongest case?
"Congratulations, we did it": the Tasmanian excitedly claims to have photos of a family of three Tasmanian tigers, including a baby, but experts have already downplayed his claims
One group believes they photographed an entire family of tigers, but a museum expert has denied the claim
It was a treat online yesterday when it emerged that a household of thylacines was likely caught using digicam The thylacine, also known as the Tasmanian tiger, has been declared extinct for a long time in the past so a confirmed sighting would definitely be a trigger for celebration Unfortunately, wildlife biologist Nick Mooney from the Tasmanian Museum and [...]
In the absence of thylacines, enjoy some Tasmanian pademelons
A Tasmanian zoologist assessed the material provided by enthusiastic enthusiasts and shared his findings
Source: https://www.9news.com.au/national/tasmanian-tiger-expert-says-the-thylacine-species-has-not-been-rediscovered/6dad1dfa-3816-4181-84aa-d0f051af08fa
A thinly sipping Tassie tiger hunter claims to have snapped photos of the extinct animal
A leading Tasmanian tiger expert says new imagery purported to be of the extinct Thylacine is actually from an entirely different species
According to the zoologist, the animals seen in the Thylacine Awareness Group video are most likely pademelons

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