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He sang behind Frankie Valli in a hit-making harmony group that gained a new audience when “Jersey Boys” stormed Broadway. He died of the coronavirus.
Really, it was a pop-star pageant, and the girls delivered.
Keke sang her single "Snack" and people are calling the electric performance a "masterpiece."
Multiple awards were handed to the wrong artists on Sunday, including video of the year, which went to The Weeknd's "Blinding Lights."
Lady Gaga and BTS scored big, followed by The Weeknd.
This is one way to use the red carpet and fashion to send a message.
Lady Gaga transported viewers to “Chromatica” (in a mask) at an event that tried to make a virtual collection of performances and speeches appear like a communal celebration.
The newest Call of Duty game, like Black Ops 2 before it, will have a number of different endings you can see.
When Katy Perry sings that it’s “Never Really Over” at the top of her “Smile” album — a year-old introduction to a brand new collection — you can hear it as an express…
A breakdown of all the lyrics about Orlando Bloom in Katy Perry's newest album, 'Smile.'

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