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The Japanese government has privately decided to cancel the Tokyo Summer Olympics due to the coronavirus pandemic, The Times reports.
"An opponent with a victory Throwed 35 times on goal, but the quality of the shots left much to be desired Not all guys were charged to win Some of them, probably, came to rest in Sochi Very offensive defeat The opposing goalkeeper played great today, we understood that he had super motivation for our team Although in the first shift you hit ... Krasikov didn't even see the throw Let's ask the strikers, there are 12 and they don't score We try, we go out to every game There is no panic in the team, if there is a chance, we will use it, "the KHL press service quotes Zavarukhin
Activists protest against taking away land plots near Vyshgorod and against Stolichny market
The company plans to use the new technology in the field of digital billsru
Sochi goalkeeper Alexey Krasikov commented on the result of the KHL regular championship match with Siberia (3: 0)
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In Liverpool at the Anfield stadium is the match of the 18th round of the English Premier League Liverpool - Burnley After the first half the score is a draw - 0: 0
The new veterinary diagnostic laboratory of the Damate group of companies, built in 2020, complies with all state sanitary and epidemiological standards This is confirmed by the license she received. Also, the laboratory has the right to issue official conclusions based on the research results, valid throughout Russia.

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