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A mapping tool describes the threat of extreme heat, high winds, and flooding to help the charity protect their sites
Faced with an environment with nowhere to hide, the sharks use backlighting as camouflage, the researchers say
The sharks have been seen in the depths of the ocean on the Chatham Rise, often referred to as the twilight zone, and produce a blue light
The kitefin shark, which can grow up to 180 cm, has been called the largest known luminous vertebrate Scientists have discovered three deep-sea sharks that can glow in the dark, one of which has been named...
A species of shark that is glowing in the dark can grow up to 1,8 meters
Conservationists are appalled at the idea of ​​capturing and killing sharks for sport
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) this morning closed its investigation into car dealer Lookers over possible mis-sales of products
One of the discoveries off New Zealand is the Kitefin shark, which is the largest known luminous vertebrate with a height of up to 180 cm
It took the group 45 minutes to get the shark onto the boat
MEGA SHARK caught when fishermen win a 45 minute battle

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