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The Trump administration will begin restricting downloads and use of popular Chinese-owned apps TikTok and WeChat late Sunday, in a move U.S. officials said arose from national security concerns but which drew objections for impinging on free-speech rights.
The Commerce Department could issue the rule on Friday.
The Trump administration issued new rules Friday morning that will cripple the operation of two popular Chinese-owned apps in the United States.
French side Amiens have lowered their asking price for their player, with Steven Gerrard and Ross Wilson keen on the 27-year-old
The Ibrox side took a trip down memory lane after comments from Tuchel in French media.
The new $300 virtual-reality headset works well and feels comfortable. But good luck finding games that will keep you entertained.
The extremely distressing footage has been disguised as puppy and kitten videos, prompting an urgent warning to parents to keep their kids off TikTok and Facebook.
TikTok users are warning each other about a video of a "man with a beard" who died by suicide as the social media platform works to take down the disturbing content.
Ronnie McNutt committed suicide and documented his death on Facebook Live, a video which later went viral on TikTok.
Republicans have a QAnon problem, which means the rest of America does too.

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