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The city had scheduled classes to start on Monday. Now, it will phase students back on a rolling basis, beginning with pre-K.
The data storage company is among several prominent start-ups going public this year as the tech industry thrives in the pandemic.
The new $300 virtual-reality headset works well and feels comfortable. But good luck finding games that will keep you entertained.
The tournament is the sport’s biggest moneymaker in the U.S., but this year’s coronavirus restrictions have lowered expectations.
Cohen, a billionaire hedge fund investor from Long Island, pulled out of a deal to buy the team in January but emerged victorious in a new bidding process this summer.
Mr. Suga’s years as a shadow power in Japanese politics have made him a bit of a cipher. But his decisive victory in a party election demonstrated his formidable political skills.
The wheelchair tournaments were initially canceled before a backlash from players prompted the United States Tennis Association to change its mind.
Some familiar faces joined new teams — looking at you, Tom Brady and Cam Newton — and young stars like Lamar Jackson are picking up where they left off in a season unlike any other.
Williams was hurt in the third set of a tight match. Azarenka will face Naomi Osaka in the final.
Ad spending has slumped in the pandemic, in part over uncertainty about how sports seasons would proceed. With an on-time start, football is poised to capture “a greater share of a smaller pie.”

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