The Masked Singer: Giraffe Revealed To Be Actor Brian Austin Green


This week on The Masked Singer, Giraffe revealed himself as Brian Austin Green, an actor known for 90210 who also had a brief rapping career.

The Group A contestants on The Masked Singer finally returned to the stage tonight, but one of the animated characters ended their journey, leaving the stage as a two-hit-wonder. Despite a riveting performance, Giraffe was eliminated and revealed to be actor Brian Austin Green.

Before this week’s episode, two masked celebrities already said their goodbyes. Last week, a contestant wasn’t eliminated per se, but Gremlin, now known to be actor Mickey Rourke, voluntarily exposed his identity after a rough rendition of Ben E. King’s « Stand By Me. » During Week 1, Dragon, a fire-breathing rapper from Group A, was the first to be un-masked and ushered into the hall of fame. Fans and half the judges were shocked to learn that Grammy-nominated rapper Busta Rhymes was the face behind the powerful voice.

Reeling from their first performances but hopefully less nervous, the Group A singers – Giraffe, Sun, Popcorn, and Snow Owls – aimed to sing another day with their second round of performances. The competition was stiff, and Giraffe ended up losing out and was forced to confess his true identity. Brian Austin Green, an actor known for playing David Silver on 90210, popped out underneath the mask, leaving audience members and judges’ jaws dropped.

Last week, the judges guessed Giraffe to be Blink 182 frontman Travis Barker, Vanilla Ice, or a Hamilton cast member. Although viewers were shocked, there were many clues that could’ve led them to guessing Giraffe’s identity before elimination. First, the carnival theme of his clue package was a nod to Green’s 1996 album, One Stop Carnival. The album was a flop and elicited mocking from fans, which gives weight to the clue that Giraffe was the butt of the joke for a period of time.

This week, the judges changed their guesses to Shia LaBeouf, Scott Wolf, and Travis Barker, but clearly, they still missed the mark. Robin Thicke’s incorrect guess is more embarrassing than that of his fellow judges, since he and Brian Austin Green were extremely close friends and neighbors during their younger years. Some social media fans guessed Giraffe’s identity before it was revealed, but Screen Rant was the only publication to figure out the clues ahead of time. Next week, The Masked Singer will return with another round of performances and another sure-to-be-shocking reveal.

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