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The decision by Kaizer Chiefs to suspend their football manager Bobby Motaung should be applauded and welcomed. But the club should have done more as he deserves to be fired for his shenanigans.

Nevertheless, Chiefs showed that no one is bigger than the club, even when you are the club boss’s son. Ordinarily, this would not be an issue as “Bobsteak” is not a player.

But the consequences of his actions are dire when you take the club’s image into consideration, especially as Chiefs are a brand-consciousness club.

His suspension comes after a video of Bobby and a group of people at what appears to be a house party circulated on social media last week. That social gathering flies in the face of the lockdown restrictions imposed by government to slowdown the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus. His reckless behaviour is also damaging to the PSL and Safa as it goes against what the two football organisations are trying to achieve.

By being this reckless, Bobby has brought the club’s name into disrepute and he deserves harsher punishment. And knowing how the club take their brand seriously, this move is not surprising at all.

At a time when sponsors are hard to come by, the last thing one wants is to tarnish the image of the club.

He might not be a player and not taking part in the final rounds of the league campaign but he has a big role to play in the club. Bobby should have known better.

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Many people, including the Chiefs players, look up to him and for him to behave like this is uncalled for and should be condemned in the strongest terms.

One wonders what impact this will have on Chiefs as the campaign to complete the season resumes. What’s surprising though is his silence on the matter. I would have expected him to have come out by now to apologise to the nation and show remorse. But nada, not him.

To me this is a kick in the teeth of the Chiefs’ marketing team which has done so well to put the brand up there.

Club Update: Bobby Motaung suspendedAs part of our policies and continuous process of monitoring the public conduct of our members, players, and staff, Kaizer Chiefs has decided to summarily suspend Football Manager Bobby Motaung. https://t.co/ofs6o76C1x#Amakhosi4Life pic.twitter.com/LVwFahuvZR

Just this week, the Chiefs jersey was trending – for all the right reasons. This was after it emerged that Spanish giants Barcelona’s new shirt looked exactly like Amakhosi’s limited 50th anniversary jersey.

This is the kind of good news the club want to see, not Bobby bringing their image down with unruly behaviour.

He deserves what is coming his way – if not more. In fact he must stay away from the team until the end of the season. If he is lucky enough, he should only join them next season.

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