Watch Jessica Alba And Daughter Haven Crush A New TikTok Dance Routine Like It’s NBD


Fact: Jessica Alba and her family have completely crushed TikTok dances during recent months while staying at home. And now, the 39-year-old actress is here to drop a new one on the world.

In the clip, the L.A.’s Finest star and her second daughter, Haven, break it down in what appears to be her shoe closet. They’re both look low-key casual in comfy-cute sweats, before they completely throw it down.

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Worth noting: Jessica and Haven hit every beat, and Haven—who’s nine—even threw in an eye roll at a clutch moment.

This is hardly the first dance TikTok Jessica has made with her family. She and mini me Honor (Jessica’s eldest) danced alongside celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin in late July:

Jessica recently went on Good Morning America and talked about how she became the « queen of TikTok. » « It’s so fun. I do with it with my kids, » she said.

Jessica also told People that she went on TikTok to bond with her kids. « I wanted to do something they were into even if it was out of my comfort zone, » she said. Jessica said it was important for her to be able to meet them at their level, which she thinks is « important for their confidence…and not always just thinking that everything I like is what’s right. »

Jessica said it takes her a while to get the dance routines down, but her daughters are super quick with them. « They learn them in one second! For me it takes forever, » she said.

Also worth noting: Jessica’s skin is super glowy in her latest TikTok. « OK but you look the same as you did in fantastic 4, » one person wrote in the comments. « You never age! » another said. Jessica shared her full skincare routine with fans on YouTube back in April, and it’s heavy on Honest Company’s Magic Beauty Balm, Vitamin C Serum, and Hydrogel Cream.

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The post comes only a few weeks after she deleted the infamous Markle photo, which included a candid shot of Mulroney’s son standing behind the bride. The Instagram caption read, « I see this and pure joy. »…



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