Where To Pre-Order A PS5 In Australia


In a bit of a shock to everyone, PS5 pre-orders went live this morning after sourced announced that the console would release on November 12th for $749 and $599 AUD respectively.

Obviously, the console is going to sell out quite quickly, so we’ve listed everywhere that you can currently pre-order and will update as it goes live.

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Right now, Amazon has the best deal. It’s worth mentioning that with Amazon you get free shipping, don’t pay a deposit until it releases and you have a best price guarantee (which means if it drops before launch, you’ll get it at that price). You can also get an extra $50 cash back with Amazon if you’re using Zip Pay.

EB Games is sold out of it launch shipment, so you won’t get it until the second shipment. 

Sony has stated that there will be further shipments throughout the launch period. With the PS5 releasing in November, our guess is that there will be another shipment in December and maybe another one in January, before hopefully stock starts to become available more regularly. We’ll keep you posted as stock drops.

Source: https://press-start.com.au/news/playstation/2020/09/17/where-to-preorder-ps5-australia/

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