Who is Misfits star Robert Sheehan and what is the actor up to now?


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Robert Sheehan: age, partner and TV work: as Misfits lands on Netflix, we take a look at what real-life Nathan is up to in 2020.

Misfits was hands down one of the most iconic TV shows on the noughties, and all five seasons are now available to binge on Netflix.

The drama originally aired on Channel 4 in 2009, and told the story of a group of young offenders who developed superpowers after a mysterious electrical storm.

Nathan, who discovered that he was immortal in season one, became one of the show’s most iconic characters – here’s your need-to-know on actor Robert Sheehan.

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He shot to fame through his role as Nathan Young in Misfits, who he played in seasons one and two between 2009 and 2010.

As well as Misfits, Robert has held a number of other TV roles, including Love/Hate, Fortitude and, most recently, The Umbrella Academy – in which he plays Klaus Hargreeves.

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He is currently starring in a new short movie, The Bigger Picture, which he is also producing.

« A guy and a girl, recently split up from a long-term relationship get back together for one night.

« But love and loathing form a precarious mix for these young lovers as they navigate the rough terrain of life. »

The movie has been compared to Normal People because of its intimate scenes and dialogue, and speaking about the project to online site HeyUGuy, Robert said: « I think that’s why it struck a nerve.

« I think that is a big reason why Normal People was such a success. We have trivialised love a little bit, I think.

« In the sense that it gets deprioritised behind living a full life, whatever that means, living a full life, but I think that’s what the two protagonists in Normal People are struggling with.

« We are supposed to do this and we are supposed to have fun, and be in a relationship and we want to do that thing but also there is this other thing and I can attest to that personally.

|It can sort of leave you wondering, Christ, was it worth giving up? It is interesting. And I think that is what the short is about. »

Robert was in a relationship with actress Sofia Boutella from 2014, but the pair split in 2018. It is not known whether he is currently in a relationship.

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Source: https://www.heart.co.uk/showbiz/celebrities/misfits-star-robert-sheehan-instagram-girlfriend/

Robert Sheehan

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