World News – AU – Warne sets fire to cricket against attack by vile wife


Shane Warne gutted his old cricket nemesis Marlon Samuels after the former West Indies star attacked Ben Stokes and his wife Clare with « appalling » slurs, then got a crack at the great Aussie

After England general-purpose Stokes made a joke about the COVID-19 quarantine at Samuels’ expense – saying he didn’t want the 14-day lockdown on his worst nemesis, namely Samuels – West Indians responded with an obscene and racist comment on social media

« No white boy could talk me out of sports and not come back diss look at this bitch who still thinks of me give me 14 days with your wife turn har into jamaican in 14 seconds buddy none of you know me too simple that means it’s my best skin tone you all hate, ”Samuels wrote

After an explosion of criticism, Samuels then wrote: « ICC Cricket World Ben bitch Stokes Shane bitch Warne and some sluts of West Indian cricketers « 

Warne has run into Samuels in the past, most notably in a BBL clash in 2013 where they had a heated showdown on the pitch, and the leg-rotating icon unloaded after the beards in line He has said Samuels had « no friends », was an « ordinary cricketer » and needed « to get help »

Stokes did not respond directly to Samuels’ comments, although he had a curious reaction to his Instagram The story section of his story is now inundated with photos of Samuels

Stokes received support after Samuels’ tirade from former England captain Michael Vaughan, who called the Caribbean comments « appalling »

Samuels responded after a torrent of backlash, writing on Instagram: « Why are you so crazy next time little ben doesn’t speak my name, the joker would say why so serious »

Stokes’ comments, while naming Samuels, were fairly innocuous The English superstar described his experience of a 14-day quarantine in New Zealand, where he went to visit his sick father after quitting a series tests against Pakistan in August

« You get off the plane, grab your bag, go out and you are told which hotel to go to, » Stokes told the BBC

« There is no choice, it’s luck whether or not you have a good hotel. The government has chosen some hotels as quarantine hotels

« I posted a few stories on Instagram and some of the English boys sent me a message asking, ‘What is this? « and I was like, ‘It wasn’t the nicest thing you ever had to do, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy’ ‘

« I texted my brother saying the same thing, and my brother asked, ‘You wouldn’t even do that to Marlon Samuels?’

Marlon Samuels

World news – AU – Warne torch the enemy of cricket on the attack of his vile wife


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