World News – UK – Sea of ​​Thieves’ Fate of the Damned update adds spooky voyages, new skeletal animals, and more


Sea of ​​Thieves is celebrating the Scary Season in its new Fate of the Damned update, and while introducing a range of new travel and cosmetics, it’s the highly anticipated arrival of a in-game events tab which particularly pleased me

As part of the new update, those ready for an animated Halloween adventure can collect Larinna’s new Fate of the Damned journeys outside of any outpost These will guide players across the ocean to learn the fate of his missing Bilge Rates crew.There is a different journey each week for the duration of the Fate of the Damned event, and a selection of related rewards. p>

Completing any Fate of the Damned journey, for example, will unlock the sinister Face of Fear cosmetic item and new weekly seasonal challenges, alongside the Slayer of Fate challenge, which will last throughout the event, will bring their own rewards The latter awards the Soulflame Lantern and a selection of Soulflame weapons await those who successfully complete the weekly Sea of ​​Thieves Seasonal Challenges. Additionally, Pirate Legends who manage to polish the whole thing up can unlock Larinna’s Soulflame Captain and Crew costumes.

There are plenty more to come over the next few weeks, however, including the upcoming & Ghoul Glory Weekend, offering double gold and reputation, as well as the return of Fort Nights. Fridays, which bring better Stronghold rewards

Best news of all (as far as I’m concerned at least) is that the full schedule of upcoming events for Sea of ​​Thieves, as well as a full record of a player’s current progress in all of them, can now be found Directly in-game, through the new Events tab It’s no longer a spur of the moment, go to the Sea of ​​Thieves website to keep up with everything happening in the world

Elsewhere in today’s Fate of the Damned update, new Aristrocrat and Wild Rose items are available from Larinna, while premium Pirate Emporium additions include the new, spookier Soulflame ship collection, as well as skeletal pets for cats and dogs These complement last year’s skeleton and monkey pets, which are also returning to the store for Halloween.

A full description of everything featured in Sea of ​​Thieves’ Fate of the Damned update, including a new free Lantern Dance emote, can be found in the latest Rare patch notes.

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World News – EN – Sea of ​​Thieves’ Fate of the Damned update adds spooky journeys, new skeletal animals, etc.
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Sea of ​​Thieves & # 39; Fate of the Damned update adds spooky voyages, new skeletal pets, more
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