World news – US – Internet user claims to be EXO Chanyeol’s ex-girlfriend accuses him of cheating on her


An internet user posted on an online community forum claiming to be the ex-girlfriend of EXO member Chanyeol The internet user posted photos as evidence and shared a long letter to the idol, accusing her of having cheated on her by sleeping with many people Read more about the situation here

The surfer did not reveal her name and face and concealed herself in the photos she posted She claimed to be Chanyeol’s girlfriend for three years In her letter, she reveals that Chanyeol l ‘had cheated on several occasions during the duration of the relationship

The photos show the two hanging out in her apartment In one photo they appear to be celebrating 790 days as a couple Another shows the alleged ex-couple kissing, but due to the way the surfer has shaded the photo, we do not know if he kisses his head, his forehead or his lips

Internet users who have seen the photos claim that Chanyeol has been seen wearing this beanie in the photo before.In addition, Chanyeol’s sister has already shared photos of herself in Chanyeol’s apartment and claims that the decor of his photos and the user’s photos are identical

She has since deleted the photos from her post, but says she can re-download them if needed.She then included a lengthy message, accusing him of cheating, stabbing his limbs in the back, etc.

« I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post photos so I deleted them However, I can upload it again if anyone needs proof

Hi, Chan__ I don’t know if you are browsing this online community or not I decided to write something like this, which I never did, to expose you You must be shocked to see something thing written by me when you thought we broke up Well I feel dirty and disgusting thinking about the three years you cheated on me Chan__, this is the karma you deserve

We started dating when you asked one of our mutual friends for my number We were officially a couple when you asked me out Then I found out the shocking truth for the first time in three years that we are dating

I couldn’t believe it the first time I heard it and thought to myself unless I saw it with my own eyes and heard with my own ears that it’s not true. even trusted when you denied everything

But now you are someone’s first experience because you had a one night stand with several people I was so ignorant while you were there sleeping with other women while I was sleeping

You were so busy trying to live a shameful life There were so many types of women, like members of girl groups, YouTubers, flight attendants etc.

I found it strange that the member you didn’t like started flirting with me and you didn’t stand up for me

You couldn’t express how upset you were by the situation and only cursed him behind his back I know now it was because you couldn’t trust our relationship, me , in your actions

I jokingly told you that if you’re going to cheat on me, don’t tell me

If you were a decent human being you shouldn’t have done this with the people I know

Less than two days after we broke up you called and I told you everything I heard but you acted so helplessly I told you the names of the girl you slept with and you were locked up for three seconds before you said, “She what? I was so confused

But you know what? I recorded this because there are victims who need to hear the kind of excuses you made

Do you know what is really funny? You never said you didn’t know the girls I named You should’ve at least pretended you didn’t You must think I’m so easy You weren’t even afraid What it makes me, who has been cheated for three years?

If there’s a problem with me it’s that I didn’t know you were that kind of asshole and I tried to protect you, to trust you and not to care about others I think this is the only flaw I have

I tried to hide the photos we took together, just in case they were made public, and thought I might be a hindrance to your work So I couldn’t even tell my friends the closest you were my boyfriend

I believed you when you said you would die if your career in the music industry was affected by a dating scandal So I was trying to protect you

I won’t mention anything other than that as it could become a bigger problem

I wish the people of this world would know how bad you are for a person

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World news – US – Netizen claims to be EXO Chanyeol’s ex-girlfriend accuses him of cheating on her


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